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A Masterpiece That Words Cannot Assess.



I am the Jeff Hardy of Livejournal.

Hola. My name is Sabrina and this is my LJ. I'm currently 16 years old turning 17 in December. I'm currently a senior in high school and I cannot wait to get that diploma! Argentina is where my family and heart is but better opportunities to further myself are here in The United States, so this is where I live. New Jersey, to be exact. The picture on the left is indeed mine and was taken in New York City, the loveliest place in the United State. I'm lucky enough to live only 15 minutes away from it. My personal beliefs are something you'll have to pick up on in my journal but I am pro choice, against any and all vaccinations and a proud pagan witch.

I love WWE. I'm to be married to Cody Runnels and Jeff Hardy in a polygamous union, along side my sex toys The Miz, Matt Hardy, Randy Orton, John Cena, Ted Dibiase Jr, JTG, MVP, Maria Kanellis, Kelly Kelly and Carlito. Not really but I can keep dreaming right? I'd also like to get a piece of Weezy F Baby; possibly the sexiest rapper in the business. On a musical level, no one can whip a line out like Tupac or beat the intelligence of Kanye West. My Chemical Romance saves lives; undeniable. I'm obsessed with writing and reading about fags, so sue me. If I had to choose three authors to read for the rest of my life; Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, Anne Rice hands fucking down. Make up, clothes, painting nails, fashion. I'm a total girl. Oz, Law and Order SVU, RAW/ECW/SmackDown!, Rosanne, Ghost Hunters, Drop Dead Diva and The George Lopez show are shows I watch religiously. Now that you know what I like, lets pick up some sushi and talk endlessly! :)

I cannot stand the sight of Triple H or Undertaker on my television. Overrated superstars are extremely overrated. Pharmaceutical companies disgust me. Cartoons bore me to tears and I Love Lucy has to be the most idiot show I've ever seen. Lady Gaga and Slipknot need to fall off the face of the musical earth, along with the death metal genre and Marylin Manson's career. I think that's about it. I'm not a real hateful person, just repressed.

I'm sweet, really. At least, I'd like to think so! :D ♥

"Evil is always possible, and goodness is eternally difficult." - Armand (Anne Rice)


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Jeff/Cody by le_savant_fou; Codiase && Centon made by me